Grants and Fellowships and Presentations – Oh My!

Late-Winter Update

The Fritz-Laylin lab has been busy during the 2019-2020 winter season.


Work on Naegleria pathogenesis and motility is now being supported by the Smith Family Foundation. Read the university’s press release on this work here.


Katrina Velle was awarded an F32 from the NIH to fund her research: “Defining actin-based mechanisms driving basic cell functions and pathogenic behaviors in Naegleria.”

While the “brain eating amoeba” Naegleria fowleri has a ~95% fatality rate, we have little understanding of the mechanisms underlying its basic cell biology or pathogenesis. This proposal will close this gap in understanding by identifying the actin-based molecular mechanisms driving cell motility, division, and contractile vacuole function. This work is relevant to NIH’s mission, as it will identify the molecular basis of Naegleria pathogenesis, thereby revealing much needed potential drug targets.


The lab ventured up to Vermont for a joint retreat with the Peyton and Bartlett labs!