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Our analysis of crawling neutrophils is published in eLife

Our paper “Actin-based protrusions of migrating neutrophils are intrinsically lamellar and facilitate direction changes” came out today in eLife. Here, we describe how we apply new imaging techniques (lattice light sheet microscopy) as well as 3D visualization to understand how white blood cells can...

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Preparing for Journal Club

Reading the literature is one of the most important things we do! Journal Club provides a format for us to keep up on the literature, engage with ideas as a group, and learn how to assess experiments, data, and interpretation. To make the most...

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We’re here!

We’ve opened our doors on the beautiful UMass Amherst campus. The wet lab space is currently getting its finishing touches, and we can’t wait for the exciting science that will take place there. For now, we’ll leave you with a picture of the fantastic...

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