2019 ASCB-EMBO Conference with Team Chytrid

The Fritz-Laylin lab attended the 2019 ASCB-EMBO Conference in Washington DC from December 7-11.

Lil gave a talk about the Naegleria spindle as part of the Subgroup “Mechanics of Large Cellular Machines” and co-chaired the Minisymposium “Quantitative Approaches to Cell Biology.”

Edgar presented a poster and gave a talk about genetic transformation of Spizellomyces as part of the Minisymposium “New Tools and Organisms in Quantitative Cell Biology.”

Edgar giving his talk on the transformation of Spizellomyces Monday night.

Kristyn received a travel grant from the LGBTQ+ taskforce to present her poster on controlling Bd‘s lifecycle.

Sarah presented her poster on the actin networks of chytrid species.

Sarah’s amazing work on chytrid actin networks!

The Fritz-Laylin lab also met up with the Mullins Lab for a science family reunion!

Team Chytrid had a great ASCB-EMBO meeting! Looking forward to next year when Team Naegleria joins for the full Fritz-Laylin lab takeover.

Team Chytrid at the PEW scholars meet-up.
Team Chytrid at the Nikon Party, hosted at the Smithsonian.